Certification & Assurance

Food Service and Further Processors
Custom Grinding, Blending, Dicing and Strips
Red & White Raw Meat Proteins

We are Federally Inspected and HACCP Recognized. (Est. # 752)

Our custom grinding, dicing and strip business is not a sideline or by-product of another focus. We are experts. We produce from our customer’s exact specifications. We source to our customer’s specification from domestic or global supply and have the efficiencies of high volume to benefit our customers business.

We will provide a “Letter of Guarantee” to qualify and commit ourselves to the product quality and specification with detailed documents, microbiological reports and e-coli micro analysis for customer product quality and food safety assurance programs, and for CFIA/HACCP reference.

We supply small processors and large, tier one national brands. We will make recommendations, that after learning about a customer’s business, will benefit their process, food safety program and assure their efficiencies and profitability.

Our advantage is our consistent adherence to specification and exceptional quality, production capability, capacity and quick turnaround time to meet critical “just in time” inventory management of raw proteins.