Peameal Bacon

Our Peameal Bacon brand, “The Elite Meat Peameal Bacon Company” – is widely respected and regarded in the food industry and by consumers, for being the highest quality Peameal Bacon available from a federally inspected plant in Canada.


Our Peameal Bacon recipe has never been altered from the original recipe and specification written over 40 years ago. Our Peameal Bacon recipe starts with fresh Canadian pork loins, never from frozen. We have a very specific criteria for the selected fresh pork we use to make Peameal Bacon.

We produce a mild flavoured Peameal Bacon with an age old traditional taste and texture that is sought after, and generates a following of repeat sales and customers.

Our Peameal Bacon is certified Gluten Free and features the lowest sodium, the highest protein, the lowest fat and cholesterol from any Federal plant in Canada.

The Elite Meat Peameal Company brand peameal bacon won exclusivity on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, in 2007, and is served in the House of Commons dining room and all Parliament Hill food service operations.




What is Peameal Bacon?

Peameal Bacon is a cured boneless pork back, rolled in a cornmeal coating. It is sold un-cooked, in a sliced or piece format. The most popular applications are as a breakfast protein; a healthy and very tasty alternative to side bacon, or as an add on, on a burger, or the very popular and very Canadian, Peameal on a bun, with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and mayonnaise.

The origins of Peameal Bacon go back to the mid 1800’s when the market for pork in the U.K. was lucrative, but shipping fresh pork from Canada was very risky. By adding a salt cure and coating in a ground meal made from yellow peas, it arrived safely. The first purveyors of the product introduced it to consumers here, and the rest is history. The traditional coating has transitioned to cornmeal, but the product can be made without it, if the market demands.

Why Elite versus other brands?

Our Elite brand Peameal Bacon holds the “premium” position in the category. The Elite Meat Company is a Federally Inspected Establishment # 752. We are HACCP Recognized.

Many competitors use frozen pork backs to start their Peameal process, by tempering, processing and re-freezing for food service. This causes the product to purge and shrink; not Elite. Our recipe and process is over 40 years old and has never been altered or compromised for the sake of price competitiveness, yet, Elite brand does compete favourably and equally in price with all Federal competitors. Elite brand Peameal Bacon has the lowest internal moisture levels, (pumped cure). Elite also has the lowest fat and sodium levels, and is certified gluten free, which are important selling features!

How is it done?

We start with fresh, Canadian pork loins, delivered daily; NEVER from frozen. We maintain a traditional process from our 40 year old recipe, which is “friendlier” to the product. Our Elite® brand peameal delivers traditional peameal flavour and texture, NOT over processed.

Peameal Bacon is traditionally fried, grilled or BBQ’d. It cooks quickly because it is very lean.