European Specialties Product List     Website Pork and Beef Chevap - 1.1 and 3 kg. carton

European Specialties  (In Factory Outlet and selected European Deli’s Across Canada – (See List of locations)
Chevaps (Cevapcici) 3 kg.
Chevaps (Cevapcici) 1 kg.
Beef Chevaps (Cevapcici) 3 kg.
Beef Chevaps (Cevapcici) 1.1 kg.
Bosnian Style Chevaps (Veal, Lamb, Beef) 3 kg.
Bosnian Style Chevaps (Veal, Lamb, Beef) 1.1 kg.
Pljeskavice 1.5 kg.
Bosnian Style Pljeskavice (Veal, Lamb, Beef) 1.5 kg.
Pork Souvlaki (Raznjici) Marinated 2 kg.
Chicken Souvlaki Marinated 2 kg.
Beef Souvlaki Marinated 2 kg.
Leek Sausage (Lukanci) 3 kg.
Leek Sausage (Lukanci) 1 kg.
Leek Sausage Patties 2 kg.
BBQ Sausage (Rostilj Kobasice) 3 kg.
BBQ Sausage (Rostilj Kobasice) 1 kg.
Pork Cutlets (Schnitzels) 5 kg.
Kajmak (Balkan Style Cream Cheese) 36 pieces/case 454 g.
Kajmak (Balkan Style Cream Cheese) 24 pieces/case 454 g.
Cheese, Meat, Spinach Burek (1.5 kg) 1.5 kg.
Cheese, Spinach or Meat Burek (500 gram) 500 g
Meat, Cheese or Potato Burek 375 g